Creative Options

Adult Day Training Programs to Build Social & Vocational Skills



Our mission is to provide our participants with supports to facilitate and enable each person to reach his/her own goals and dreams in order to enrich his/her life. We want to support our participants and their families with services and programs that will promote a strong family structure. Our job will be to pair opportunities involving programming, occupational training, educational and leisure activities with explicit instruction involving social, self-help and job skills and educational advancements in a variety of settings. Our vision is to provide participants with the tools that they need to actively guide themselves through life by making choices and decisions that will impact their future and their influence on others

Qualified, Caring Service

Creative Options, LLC, is state-approved to provide ADT, CLS, and Respite through the Michelle P. Waiver and Supports for Community Living programs.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with individuals to help them reach their personal goals. Our staff has the compassion, education, and experience to meet those needs with respect and dignity. We believe that all people have the capability to shine when given the right tools and opportunities.

Adult Day Training (ADT)

This service supports the recipient to participate in daily, meaningful routines in the community. It stresses training in the activities of daily living, self-advocacy, adaptive and social skills, and vocational skills. On-site services should lead to the acquisition of skills and abilities for work and/or community participation. Off-site services are provided in a variety of community settings promoting inclusion and natural supports. 

Community Living Skills (CLS)

This service is training or assistance to an individual who does not live in a residential support setting. This can include a variety of activities such as shopping, household care, and taking part in community activities as long as the individual is being taught skills during the activities.


Respite care is a time of rest or relief for those persons normally caring for an individual. This service is only available to an individual living in a family home or their own residence and not for those living in a group home or a staffed residence.