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Programs for Special Needs Adults

Creative Options was established in 2013 in Mercer County and has branched out into opening a location in Anderson County. Creative Options provide services including Adult Day Training, Community Living Supports, and Respite to individuals who qualifies for the Michelle P Waiver or Supports for Community Living Waiver programs. Creative Options was a dream that Special Education Teacher Jennifer Johnson had as she watched her students grow into adults.

Jennifer wanted them to have a place that continued to challenge them mentally as well as expand their experiences as adults. She knew many of the participants prior to them entering the program because she taught them in elementary school at Emma B. Ward Elementary In Lawrenceburg. These individuals were very social, funny, considerate and outgoing. She knew that they would benefit from the company of each other as well. This insight, her love of her students, the desire to make a difference in the community, and years of hard work led to obtaining state certification. Creative Options has been a labor of love, and it wishes to serve additional individuals who would benefit from the services we provide.

Creative Options is an LLC and is owned by Mark and Jennifer Johnson, Jennifer Webb Johnson is a graduate of Mercer County High School. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Kentucky University, focusing on Early Elementary Education with a focus on Special Education. She earned her Master of Arts Education from Georgetown College. She received her Rank 1 certification as well from Georgetown University with a focus on Reading and Writing. She began her career teaching Special Education for 11 years at Emma B. Ward Elementary in Lawrenceburg. From there, she moved to King Middle School, where she taught there for 8 years. Jennifer is currently a Special Education Teacher at Boyle County Middle School.

Mark E. Johnson earned an Associate in Applied Services degree from Prestonsburg Community College. He obtained a Bachelor of Science with a focus on Criminal Justice. Mark has been actively involved in the day to day operations of Creative Options and often provides direct services to participants. He also in charge of accounting and oversees payroll.

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